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About Us

Leveraging on GLUED, you will be using the leading game-based learning corporate training technology in the market

Whether you chose to use GLUED’s content or to build your own content, we are committed to making sure your learning experience with us is effective, engaging, motivating, and is worth your investment and your employee’s time.

At GLUED, we brought together our technical expertise in games development as well as learning and development experiences taking into consideration the differences in sectors of the markets that you might be from while building our content.

Why Glued?

Creating a training video game from scratch can take years and often requires teams of hundreds of people working long hours. That’s not to mention the millions of dollars of capital usually required for such an endeavor. Our game authoring tool, Editor, tosses this idea out the window and lets you design and develop your own game for a tiny fraction of the effort and cost

The authoring tools that are currently available for online training materials are severely limited in their scope and effectiveness. Most only offer technology that’s archaic at best: text, tests, videos, PowerPoints, etc. The “newest” of these technologies is more than 30 years old! If technology is advancing, shouldn’t your training approaches follow suit?

With the Editor, our authoring tool, you’ll be able to easily adapt your training material to the most in-demand format on the market today: game-based learning.

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